Lauren Brincat

From the artist's Website ( 17 Oct 2011: Lauren Brincat is a Sydney-based artist, currently working in Berlin. Through her practice she navigates her physical and cognitive limits, continually pushing herself to the edge of her ability and demonstrating the urge to move beyond all limitations. Though primarily working in performance, she does not confine herself to prescribed methods of production, her practice spanning a variety of mediums including video and sculpture. Informed by the conceptual performers of the 1970s, Brincat’s performance works are best described as ‘actions’, most often enacted in solitude and presented as video documentation. Addressing a wide variety of subject matter, her work is consistently intuitive, personal, playful and provocative. Recent performance works including I’m walking here, 100 blocks (2010) and Warmup Laps (2010) have seen a focus on activity as artwork; while in It’s a long way to the top (2009) she used the landscape as a means to measure the self while creating a visual metaphor for perseverance and determination. Her objects are derived from personal premonitions, nostalgia, and the imagination. She employs sculpture to resolve her understanding of the world, giving form to challenging visual ideas. In Drum Riser (2007) she raised a drum kit meters off the ground making the act of playing precarious, while the commission, Best Time Ever (2010) saw a 25-meter staircase soar further into the sky in an attempt to reach the clouds. Brincat’s work was shown in the group show ‘Social Sculpture’ at the Anna Schwartz Sydney Gallery in Sydney in 2011 and 2009, as well as the MONA FOMA festival in Hobart in 2010. In 2011 her continuing projects will take her to Rome and Paris, where she will work alongside Swedish artist Johanna Billing. Lauren Brincat completed a Master in Visual Art at Sydney College of the Arts in 2004. She was the 2008 recipient of the Westpac Redlands Art Prize and the 2009 Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship.